IMPORTANT (Please read details below before you sign up to ensure compliance with requirements of Law Society of Hong Kong (if applicable))

To verify that the participant has completed the computer-based CPD courses in full and has done so with a demonstrable and satisfactory degree of comprehension, we, CompliancePlus Consulting Limited, are required by the Law Society of Hong Kong to regularly provide the following information as part of our reporting obligations of CPD courses provider:

- Name of the Participant

- Solicitor Number (as shown in membership card issued by the Law Society of Hong Kong that the no. is in a format of S00XXXX)

- Name of the Law firm / Company that you currently work for

- Start date and Completion date of the course you attend online and the duration of time you attend the relevant online course

- Results of the online assessment and/or Quiz for the online courses you attend

As such, please follow our Sign Up Instructions and provide us your personal information required on the sign-up page in accordance to the details specified in your membership card issued by the Law Society of Hong Kong, your identification documents and/or your official registration records.

Please make sure that your sign up name is your FULL AND OFFICIAL NAME as shown in your identification document such as Practising Certificate issued by the Law Society of Hong Kong or your Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport as the above information will be used by us to provide you certificate for course completion and such details will be kept in our record that we are obliged to provide to the Law Society of Hong Kong in our regular report on attendance record.

Please make sure that the information you provide us as required above is accurate and update. 

Please note that the Law Society of Hong Kong may conduct audit of our data as provided by you to verify your attendance record on your compliance with CPD courses requirements from time to time. 

If any queries, please email us at 

March 2019